Class Registration



Once you have applied to MyCAA and your application has been approved, you will receive a voucher which needs to be send to ABP Doula Training Center. If you wish to start training for your new career as a doula, you can register and take one or all of the following classes.

Online Classes:

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Birth Doula Prep Class

The Birth Doula Prep Class will describe what’s the role of a doula, certification requirements from DONA International and a five weeks of assignments, using Penny Simkin’s book, Your Birth Partner as the reference. After reading assigned chapters, there will be two or three questions to answer or discuss. A sneak peek of how to interview a potential client and help them develop a meaningful birth plan.

ChildBirth Education Class

This comprehensive Childbirth Education Class is designed for doulas in birth training classes. In this class, you will learn anatomy and physiology, signs of labor, dilating and effacing, labor patterns, physical and emotional changes during early, active and transitional labor phases, writing birth plans, comfort measures, interventions, C-births, and postpartum stage.